Scooters & Motorcycles


Urban Riding

Super 8 50X 4T
Campagno 110i
K-Pipe 125

Commuter Bikes

Super 8 150X
Like 150i ABS *new*
Like 200i


Spade 150i *new*

Highway Recommended

X Town 300i *new*
Xciting 400i ABS *new*




Mongoose 70S
Mongoose 90S
MXU 150X


Mongoose 270

Trail / Work

MXU 270
MXU 450i
MXU 450i LE
MXU 450i LE PRIME *new*
MXU 500i
MXU 700i
MXU 700i LE EPS PRIME *new*
MXU 700i LE EPS HUNTER *new*


About KYMCO Products


In 2005, BECO Motor International Inc. became the sole importer and distributor of KYMCO products to Canada. By progressively adding models to its line up each year, KYMCO has been able to differentiate itself on the Canadian market by offering a wide variety of displacement ranges, styles, colours, and features. KYMCO strives to offer more options to consumers than many of the competing brands on the market, particularly in the scooter category. KYMCO also offers an exceptional warranty package (2 years for on-road products and 1 year for off-road products), next day parts service, licensed technical staff and a long-standing commitment to quality control, customer service and reliability.
KYMCO has set itself apart on the market by offering a high quality product at an affordable price. There are approximately 50 authorized KYMCO dealers across Canada and thousands of KYMCO riders! All of the staff members at KYMCO Canada are also KYMCO riders who confidently stand behind the brand and its products.


Kwang Yang Motor Company Ltd. (KYMCO) was established in 1963 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and has since grown to be the largest manufacturer in Taiwan and the 5th largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters in the world. It is known worldwide as a leader in its field, acquiring brand distinction and distribution networks on five continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. "Better Than Best" emphasizes KYMCO's commitment to outstanding products and technical service for a convenient, safe, leisurely and entertaining world of power and dynamism.

KYMCO is also deeply committed to public safety and social responsibility. As an OEM, KYMCO complies with all national and international safety standards, emissions requirements and labour laws. KYMCO has won numerous awards for its efforts to exceed industry standards in waste reduction, management strategies, quality control and industrial technology development. They hold several ISO certificates and are recognized by other companies as a leader in powersport manufacturing.
KYMCO manufactures over 40 scooter models, more than a dozen motorcycles, and close to 20 ATVs. They have been ISO 13485 certified since 2003. KYMCO can manufacture over 1000 vehicles in each of its facilities every day - that amounts to nearly 500,000 per year! KYMCO manufactured over 5 million motorcycles in its first 4 years of production. Models are manufactured to the specifications required for each export market - Canada has its own production line to meet CMVSS standards.
Every single vehicle undergoes quality control prior to leaving the factory doors. Molding, forging, casting, gear machining, engine assembly, welding, and painting are part of an integrated CIM system. All structural welds are x-rayed to guarantee integrity. All engines are started and checked prior to being installed in the vehicle.

Since 1989, KYMCO has spent years on the R&D of new technologies such as their 700cc liquid-cooled fuel injection engine. KYMCO now manufactures a 700cc scooter, the MyRoad 700i - one of the largest and most powerful in the world! The introduction of a 3 position electrical adjustment rear suspension system presents cutting-edge technology with the comfort of riders in mind. Features such as ABS brake systems, keyless remote ignition, antitheft, tire pressure monitoring, larger storage capacity for up to 2 helmets, and more will be integrated into KYMCO's newest models, specifically the MyRoad 700i.

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Committed worldwide, KYMCO aspires to increase customer satisfaction and contribute to society through constant innovation and creative technology. It is their hope that through extensive research and development combined with unwavering dedication they can provide consumers with the optimal choice of cutting edge transportation. KYMCO relies on the enthusiasm of its dealers to provide the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction.

In keeping with KYMCO's global strategy, KYMCO Canada is committed to being a leader in the powersport industry by providing Canadians with reliable, modern and environmentally responsible transportation choices. By constantly improving our services, we will continue to experience growth within the Canadian market that will parallel KYMCO's successes worldwide.


Due to its innovative technology, quality of craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction, KYMCO continues to be a competitive player in the global marketplace. Since 1992, KYMCO has exported more than 500,000 motorcycles and scooters to Europe alone. By mid-2004, KYMCO was able to claim the lead in the European ATV market. It has been the number one motorcycle and scooter manufacture in Taiwan for the past eight years and the 5th largest two-wheeled manufacturer in the world. KYMCO exports to 88 different countries on top of its annual domestic production of nearly 300000 units. Six percent of the company's revenues are invested in Research & Development each year to ensure that KYMCO remains a leader in the global powersport industry


KYMCO's environmental strategy affirms its duty and commitment to environmentally friendly products, production, consumption and management. KYMCO relies on leading technology and environmental management strategies to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency. KYMCO obeys all statutory and regulatory requirements and is continuously improving its production standards.
All KYMCO models manufactured for the North American markets including ATVs are tested to meet the latest EPA emission standards. KYMCO also meets emission standards in other markets such as Euro IV, the world's most stringent motor vehicle requirement. Each KYMCO factory has an adjacent water treatment facility to minimize manufacturing waste. In 2005, KYMCO was awarded the "SPECIAL AWARD FOR TPM ACHIEVEMENT" by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance in recognition of outstanding achievements in the modernization of techniques & approaches of plant maintenance.


Over the years KYMCO has received a number of distinguished awards including the National Quality Award (1996), the Excellent Industrial Technology Development Award (1997) and the TPM Excellence Award by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance in recognition of outstanding achievements in the modernization of techniques / approaches of plant maintenance (first category, 2002 & 2005). KYMCO was awarded the ISO 13485 certificate in 2003 and continues to strive to exceed industry standards.
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